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A Quick Tour of CaptyDVD
Click here for an example of CaptyDVD's chapter menus

I have been working on creation of a CD-ROM CaptyDVD users guide with Quicktime movies showing how to use it. This project was placed on hold for various reasons including a heart attack (mine) but I may resume it. If you click the screenshot below, you can watch a 7:37 minute Real Video of a quick tour of CaptyDVD's basics. The tour was done with the full version of CaptyDVD 2.0 which has features that may not be in earlier versions, but the basics are the same. As of this writing - Feb 2005 - the full version of CaptyDVD 2.0 in English is now shipping. For more about that, see click here.

If you don't have a broadband connection click here to download this movie to your hard drive.

For a shorter version in Quicktime, click here

Click here to get the free RealPlayer if you don't have it.

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