The Malabar Senior by John Alden Yacht Designs

Produced from 1956 to 1961 by John G. Alden & Co., Inc. of Boston, Mass. (design #917), the Malabar Sr. was designed as a performance cruiser. Built in Le Compte, Holland of African mahogany with European white oak frames and fastened with silicon bronze, the Malabar Srs. are 24'2" on the waterline with a 9'9" beam and a 5'0" draft. Headroom is 6'1" under the beams. Ballast is 4,200 lbs. cast lead. The planking is 7/8" finished thickness. The fourth Malabar Sr. was built for a California man. It still carries it's original name from 1956: Malabar Star. It has a cold-molded hull over the original. As of summer 2010, Malabar Star was now owned by Rob at 360-461-2288, and was for sale.