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Martin Sitter's guide to DVD Studio Pro

This is a tutorial on creating a splitscreen movie in Quicktime Pro. This movie can be saved and used in programs such as iMovie.

In a graphics program create a black and white mask. In this case I divided the image exactly in half and made the right side black, but if you wanted one half of the screen to be larger than the other you could divide the mask accordingly and you can do such things as make a mask for the top and bottom. Save this mask as a PICT file.

Since I made the right side of the mask black, in Quicktime Pro I open the movie whose right side I want to see in the final movie.

Next open the Properties window for the movie

In the Properties windows select Video Track and Mask.

Click the Set option and select the mask you created.

After you set the mask your movie will look like this.

Open your second movie in another Quicktime Pro window and under the Edit menu click SELECT ALL, and then COPY. Make sure both movies are the same size.

Back to your first movie and under the Edit menu select ADD. This pastes your second movie into the first as a new layer. If your movies are different lengths, clicking ADD SCALED will scale the second movie's length to match the first movie's.

Go back to the Properties window for the first movie and select the Layer option for Video Track 1.

Reduce the Layer's number to -3.

After changing the Layer number for Video Track 1, your movie should look something like this. If you had soundtracks for both movies, go to Edit menu DELETE TRACKS, select the soundtrack you don't want and click DELETE.

If you do "Save" this splitscreen movie will overwrite your original movie, so either use "Save As" and save the movie under a new name or better yet use "Export" to save the new movie for use in other programs such as iMovie (export as DV Stream for iMovie). Using Export will give you a more efficient self-contained movie.

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