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The U.S. Army Military History Institute (MHI) has a file that often shows up in search engines as "HESSIANS.DOC." This file, as explained below, is a summary of MHI's holding regarding Hessian troops. However, most search engines have an old address for the file - the new one is http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usamhi/Bibliographies/RefBibs/RevolutinaryWar/.

The file is an Microsoft Word file, but I done a crude translation into HTML, which is below.


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USAMHI RevWar - "Hessians"

dv Aug 88, Dec 94


A Bibliography of MHI Sources

Unit Perspectives.....p.2
Personal Perspectives.....p.2
Prisoners of War.....p.5
Of Related Interest.....p.6


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See also:
- "Prisoners in Rev War" (POW-Rev)
- "Convention Army" (POW-Rev)

NOTE: No list of Hessian prisoners at Carlisle has ever been located here.


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